Husband Suicides in India

Ever wondered why a husband who goes through 16 years of education, fights it out in interviews to get plum jobs, works his way up the ladder in his profession,
manages his social life like a pro ends up committing suicide?

The professionals in the field of psychiatry may have a medical term and explanation for such tragedies.

But, what drives a husband to commit suicide?

Is he weak?

Does he not know how to handle pressure in life? It is not possible at all for a man who has done all those things that I have mentioned in the first paragraph of this

Then, why?

Primarily because of the following:

Trust has been betrayed:

A man works hard all his life for his family, whether it is parents, wife or children does not matter, and most of the times it is for all of them. His entire life
revolves around them. Right from finding a good job, promotions, choice of residence, choice of friends, books, movies, etc. I mean everything is done keeping in mind
the welfare of his marriage and for his wife and children only.

When false dowry and harassment cases are filed against him, he feels he is betrayed by the one he loved with all his life.

He looks back and sees that this person was the one with whom he was supposed to spend his entire life and now she has betrayed him by filing false cases.

I can imagine the helplessness, a sense of betrayal and backstabbing that such a husband feels and goes through.

Financial loss:

A husband loses his job in many, many cases because of such false cases.

It takes years to prove that the cases are false because the police and courts work at a snails pace and the employers would not like a person with a criminal case on
their payroll.

Insensitive society:

Indian society in general is considered very family friendly but the truth is far from reality.

Everyone who is involved in the marriage- parents, uncles, aunties,etc from both sides have their own vested interest in keeping a failed marriage in place.

They cannot accept that the marriage has ended and the concerned parties need to move on.

They, with their invested interests in mind, will always blame the husband for problems in the marriage and will ask to forgive the actions of an abusive wife.

They will not understand the pain the husband is going through in an abusive marriage.

This behaviour is exhibited by the police, lawyers, judges, neighbours, friends, colleagues, peers, and even strangers.

A man does not get any sympathy nor understanding from the society.

Insensitive, gender biased laws:

The laws in India are so archaic and gender biased that a husband cannot file any cases against his wife, even when she is wrong!

Whereas, a wife can file multiple false cases against the husband to curb his freedom, take away his property, and obtain custody of his children via court

No support for a man in trouble:

I have not seen a single helpline number, website or forum from the government of India or any other department for MEN’s welfare.

No one wants to understand a man’s problem.

No one treats a man as a human being!!!

I am sure many of you, who are victims of false matrimonial cases, have gone through the above emotions and experiences.

When a husband in a troubled marriage tries to reach out to others he is laughed at and made fun of. This makes him feel helpless.

When you hear such a story from a harassed husband, please spend 5-10 minutes listening to him. You do not have to give him any advice. Just listen!

You may save a harassed husband from committing suicide!!!

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